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Chinese Blue and White, The Most Collected Chinese Porcelain For Over 700 Years

Collecting the Hottest Market on Earth, Chinese Porcelain Chinese Blue and White, The Most Collected Chinese Porcelain For Over 700 Years Every once in a while someone not familiar with Chinese antiques will ask:
 "what is the most collected area of Chinese art?"
This question has come quite a few times this year as we were selling off the first part of a large collection of Chinese porcelain owned by an American businessman on behalf of his family. The collection contains in total over 6,000 pieces ranging in age from the Tang to Republican period. Including examples done in Sancai, Wucai, Doucai, Famille Rose, Famille Verte, Langyao, Flambe, Yixing and of course under glaze blue decorated pallets. 

NOTE: Starting in January of 2014 we will resume selling the items in weekly listings of roughly 60 to 70 items per week on EBAY under our user name "plcombs". 

Their are after all literally hundreds of category's covering thousands of years of development utilizing…

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